Feb. 3, 2015

Thank you, Joe, for doing a great job with our puppy, Sir Frederick, otherwise known as Fred. He's an American Eskimo, an off shoot of the german spitz. We knew he would be a handful, but didn't dream it would be so bad. He was very strong willed, had a possession issue, was hard to control. When we would see other dogs sitting, or downing and staying, we'd tell you that there was no way Fred would ever do that, and he does!!! With your classes, where we walk around in circles with other dogs, he has learned to behave. He still gets very excited when we get there, but he has learned to sit, down, heel, along with the other behaviors that will make him an enjoyable dog. We love this little guy, and had been advised at one point to return him to the breeder. You said you could train him, and you did!!
Thanks, Joe. You're the greatest and we give you our heartiest recommendation.
Lois and John Weissberg